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Latest Carnevale Releases Now Available To Order

The folks at TTCombat have a new batch of Carnevale releases available to pre-order over in their webshop. It's 3 new sets of figures as well as some new terrain that you can use for your Venitian gaming pleasure. Grab your masquerade mask and flowing cape and hit the canals.

From the website:

It’s new releases time in Venice!

We have four new releases for Carnevale fans today.

All are available to pre-order now, for release next Friday.

The Prince’s Court set for the Guild is out today. We’ve learned a bit about the thieves here on TTCommunity this week, so check that out if you haven’t already.

This set contains a complete gang for Carnevale, with the Prince of Thieves are your Leader, two Baronis as your Heroes, and two Pilferers as Henchmen.

This little gang is pretty efficient, especially at stealing Objectives! With a fair amount of ranged weaponry (the Prince has a hidden gun!), this is a nice, balanced list that will absolutely dominate the rooftops.