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Late Pledges Available For League of Infamy From Mantic Games

February was a really tight month for me, monitarily. As such, I wasn't able to back as many Kickstarters as I otherwise might've liked. Thankfully, there's Late-Pledge periods where you can still get in on all the action after the fact. In this case, it's League of Infamy, the new board game coming from Mantic Games. If you missed out on the campaign, it's not too late to still get all those exclusives and deals.

From the website:

Fed up of playing as the heroes? Bored of always doing the right thing? Want to take part in some devious dungeon delving? Then read on my curious friend...
League of Infamy is co-operative dungeon crawler for up to 5 players, where it pays to commit dastardly deeds and partake in foul thievery – often against your own party. Created by the team behind hit games Hellboy: The Board Game and Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf’s Kings Quest, this is a dungeon quest like no other.
Join a rogue’s gallery of misfits, ne’er-do-wells and miscreants on a disgraceful mission to kidnap cute little baby Drakons, steal their eggs and viciously wipe out any irritating, goody-goody Elves that try to stop your nefarious schemes.
But it’s not just the Elves you’ll need to keep a wary eye on. Your fellow (mis)adventurers are just as likely to betray you and steal your loot, shove you into harm’s way or just leave you in a dungeon full of unbeatable foes. As they like to say in the League of Infamy – ‘keep your enemies close but keep your friends at knifepoint’.