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Late Pledges Available For Hellboy: The Board Game Expansions

There's nearly infinite reasons to miss out on Kickstarter. But they're often not done and gone when they end. For example, Mantic is giving you another opportunity to get all the new expansions they had a Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Board Game. You can even get the dice game that was part of the campaign.

From the announcement:

Did you miss the Hellboy: The Board Game Expansions and Dice Game Kickstarter earlier in the year? Well, don't worry because late pledges are available now. Like, RIGHT NOW!

The appropriately named Pledge of Doom comes with four new expansions - Storm and the Fury, Pandemonium, Hell on Earth and End of Days. These expansions add new minions, powerful new bosses and new Agents to tackle these terrible threats!

You also get Hellboy: The Dice Game. The Dice Game is perfect for when you want some Hellboy action while on the go - or you just don't have time to play a full game.