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Lady Credo, Rebel Lord Released For Necromunda From Forge World

The Spire is filled with those looking down upon (rather literally) those in the underhive. However, sometimes, these haughty aristocrats head down to carve out a name for themselves there. Lady Credo is one such. You can pre-order her figure for Necromunda now over on the Forge World website.

From the website:

Rebel Lords are aristocrats from the Spire who, for whatever reason, have left the opulence of their former dwellings behind to seek out new lives in the underhive. Lady Credo is one such Rebel Lord. Equipped with the finest wargear and bionics money can buy – as well as her pair of artificer servo skulls, Sinestus and Dexterus – Lady Credo presents a formidable adversary to anyone foolish enough to try to claim the enormous bounty on her head.

If you’re looking to give your Gang a serious boost, be sure to hire this highly skilled and charismatic Rebel Lord. Armed with a master-crafted power sabre and master-crafted laspistol, she packs more than a punch when the shooting starts, while her inspiring presence keeps even the most faint-hearted gangers in the fight.

This kit is supplied as 12 components and comes with 1x 32mm Necromunda Base. Lady Credo's fighter card is also included.

Lady Credo is available to any Outlaw gang with an allegiance to a Fallen House, rules for which can be found in both Necromunda: Book of Judgement and Necromunda: House of Iron.