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Kort'thalis Publishing Releases Updated Crimson Dragon Slayer Book

Venger Satanis, the mind behind Kort'thalis Publishing, has many thoughts on what makes a D&D game awesome. He's collected them and put them all together in a single book, the Crimson Dragon Slayer, so you can have rockin', kick-ass sessions whenever you want. He's put out an updated version of the book, and it's free to download, so why not go see what he's got in mind? It might just help out your game.

From the announcement:

It's my game; it's what I run.  I may not be the best RPG designer in the world, but I know what I like. 

After a year of playtesting various Cha'alt content, Crimson Dragon Slayer has gone through yet another revision. 

I made the switch from VSd6 (d6 dice pools) to D20 awhile ago.  But now, it's got spells, an updated layout, and streamlined expression of the same O5R (OSR + 5e) rules that I can't live without.

Crimson Dragon Slayer is neither robust nor revolutionary.  It's just my preferred version of D&D.  And so it goes...