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Kort'thalis Publishing Releases Cha'alt Ascended RPG Supplement

If there's one thing players want for their characters, it's options. With more options comes more ways to customize their character into exactly what they want to play. Well, the folks at Kort'thalis Publishing are helping with the release of Cha'alt Ascended, a set of new and updated feats for your characters. Many of them are specifically designed to be useful in their Cha'alt megadungeon. You can pick up your copy now.

From the website:

Cha'alt Ascended is special, something I've been thinking about doing for awhile now.  I know some publishers have come out with their own list of "old school feats", but this is mine.  There's 63 of them! Special abilities for warriors, magic-users, priests, and rogues.  You'll find familiar "feats" or skill-sets along with several weird ones you've never seen before... a few are tailored to the world of Cha'alt.

What is Cha'alt?  My eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalyptic campaign setting and megadungeon:

Additionally, Cha'alt Ascended has optional rules for sorcerers and, best of all, a random table of 20 background events or past experiences that will immediately flesh out your PC.

This is a slim and goregous-looking volume that's also dense with awesomeness.  It will elevate your O5R game to the next level.