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Kodachi Card Game Now Available From WizKids

Kodachi is a new samurai card game designed by... *reads notes* ... Adam West!?! *reads more* ... Oh, it's not that Adam West... Well, ok, that's fine. It's still a cool game. Take on the role of a samurai looking to steal treasure through either strength of arms or stealth of... legs... I suppose. You can get your copy now.

From the website:

 WizKids is pleased to announce Kodachi, a new hand management game from Adam West, the designer of Deadline, is now available in North American Game Stores!

In 12th century Japan, after the Gempei War, you, a great samurai, retired your ninjato, desiring a life of peace. But, once again, the ruling families call for your special skills to establish their honor. But this is no easy feat—it will require stealth & strength, cunning & intrigue, and, of course, the swiftness of your ultimate weapon: your kodachi!

In Kodachi, you seek to steal treasures by facing guards in one of two ways. With strength, which requires you to play cards with higher numbers than the guards, or stealth, playing cards with lower numbers than the guards. Successfully acquired treasures can be used to generate rumors, bribe envoys, and strengthen your skills. Kodachi is available now, so be sure to pick it up at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!