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Knights of the Shadow Realm RPG Setting Book Up On Kickstarter

You've been everywhere in Greyhawk. You've explored every inch of Eberron. You've found everything to find in the Forgotten Realms. You're looking for a new setting to try out. You'll want to look no further than Knights of the Shadow Realm, a new 5th Edition OGL setting book that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

"Not a triple-threat, but a hexagonal-threat!!! The artwork, maps, writing, world building...I'm mind blown!" - Curse of Sebs

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the project page for the Knights of the Shadow Realm (KotSR) campaign book. We've put together an amazing experience that is fully compatible with 5th Edition (OGL) and has everything you'll need to run an epic, level 1-20 adventure!

One thing you'll find right out the gate is how uniquely woven the various quests and subplots are in this setting. From the very first town, your players will find threads to pull as they criss-cross interesting NPCs and wondrous areas and find out what an actual, living world feels like. 

The quest design offered in KotSR is unlike anything that you've experienced in previous, ready-made campaigns. You'll find your players excited at exploring an open world, while at the same time slipping naturally into the story of the campaign. No railroading, just a fascinating tale that will take hold of those gathered around your table. 

Knights of the Shadow Realm comes directly from the mind of the beloved David Barrentine, who has written, designed, or done illustration for numerous products throughout the 5th Edition community. Each piece of text, creature, character, and map has been lovingly crafted by the same individual, creating a seamless experience with a singular trajectory: an epic tale. 

The campaign's around 3/4 of the way to its goal with 31 days left to go.