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Knights & Legends RPG Now Available

If you're looking for a new dark fantasy RPG and haven't been happy with what's available, you might want to check out the Knights & Legends game. The core book for it is now available. It uses the Ludens Game System and is designed to be accessable to all gamer levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

About the game:

Over three years in the making, Knights & Legends is a carefully crafted masterpiece. Knights and legends started as a personal hobby, then it evolved into something bigger than imagined. Currently a DTRPG exclusive, and best seller. The game is set in a fantasy medieval world, the Core Book offers a powerful toolkit for players and Game Masters alike to carve their own path and design their own adventures using the all original content. The campaign trilogy enhances the game experience by adding lore rich content, colorful artwork, and provides the ultimate adventure. K&L's game mechanics are powered by the exclusive Ludens Game System. This standalone title has been explicitly written with the goal of approachability, reaching out to all experience levels, making sure that the game content remains engaging for everyone.