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Knight Models Previews Mercenary Tumbler for Batman Miniatures Game

Batman has some of the greatest gadgets in the game. So, it's not so great when his enemies get a hold of them. Take, for example, the Tumbler, the tank-like version of the Batmobile from the Dark Knight series. Bane and his gang managed to snag a few, and they'll be bringing them to the streets in the Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models. Have yourself a look.

From the post:

A prototype armored tank designed as a bridging vehicle for the military, the ‘tumbler’ (aka the Batmobile) includes sophisticated weaponry and jet-boost capabilities. There are total six rear flaps to assist brakes with vector controlled jet engine. The Tumbler has twin forward-firing machine guns, rocket launcher, landing hook to sprung landing stabilization and an integrated fire-extinguishing system. During the Stealth mode, the lights get off as well the engine automatically. The vehicle is powered by an electric motor with explosive mines deployed in the rear side to take out any cars that make contact with them

In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane has already set his base below the Applied Science division of the Wayne Enterprises. From the very beginning Bane has planned to get the Wayne Industries resources. When Bane and his soldiers detonate a device beneath Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences Division, they make off with three Tumblers left in storage. These prototypes are equipped with retractable dual-barreled cannons and a multiple-tube missile launcher. 

Get your BMG The Dark Knight Rises box, and take a ride in your own batmobile by Gotham streets!

The Dark Knight Rises is available from April 16 th 2019. The fate of Gotham City is in your hands!