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Knight Models Previews Batman for Batman 3rd Edition

Knight Models recently announced the 3rd Edition of the Batman Miniatures Game. Of course, people want to know what the new model stats look like, especially from the character that has their name in the title. Batman. Have a look at the new stat card for the Caped Crusader.

From the post:

We’ve been working hard on the 3rd edition of Batman Miniature Game, to bring a new and exciting experience to your games set in Gotham City’s dark and twisted streets.

The new character card builds on the familiar elements of previous versions, but takes a bold and streamlined approach, optimizing the game elements to make them easier to reference, and play in a faster, more intuitive and more dynamic way. Key information is clearer than ever, reducing the amount of time spent cross-referencing with the rulebook.

While the design has been improved, the card retains the familiar skills and characteristics of previous editions, so existing players can easily get to grips with the rules.

In the coming days we will explain in more detail how the 3rd edition game mechanics work, so you can see exactly how the Dark Knight will tackle his foes. Stay tuned for more!