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Kleos Board Game Coming to Kickstarter July 21st

July is almost here. It'll arrive before we know it. And with it will come all sorts of new games. One of them that's headed to Kickstarter that month is Kleos where players will participate as the different Greek gods in contest with one-another. Azure Horizon Games will be bringing this new project to Kickstarter on July 21st.

From the article:

I'd like to thank you all for being a part of this journey! It has been so much fun sharing Kleos with each of you over the last couple of years.

That makes it all the more exciting to announce that Kleos will go live on Kickstarter in less than 30 days!! It all begins on Tuesday, July 21st at 10am EST. 

The Kickstarter pre-launch page is live now. As you know, any campaign's success depends on its fans' support on Day 1. If you want to be among the first backers, click the "Notify me on launch" button through the following link:

Click HERE to see the Kleos Pre-Launch page on Kickstarter!