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Kitsune Clan For Legends For Signum Up On Kickstarter

Foxes. They're deities in many civilizations. In the new Kickstarter campaign for Legends for Signum, they're focusing on the Japanese interpretation and adding the Kitsune Clan to the game. Head over and get yourself some little foxie friends for your game.

From the campaign:

It's time to add a new page to the Signum chronicle!

Meet the Kitsune Clan of the Scarlet Forest Clan - a brand new faction for the skirmish wargame with miniatures "Legends for Signum".


Signum Games introduces their new range of highly detailed resin miniatures on Kickstarter! 

This time, all the attention is focused on Japanese Kitsune - a race of fox-like magical creatures that survived the Cataclysm and now are ready to clean up the mess it caused. The miniatures might not only be a beautiful part of your collection or a sweet and super valuable gift to your friends or close ones, but they’re also a part of the skirmish board game “Legends of Signum”, in which you choose your faction, build a battle deck and start a fight against your opponent. “Kitsune Clan of the Scarlet Forest” starter box includes four high-quality resin miniatures and all the necessary game components. 

That’s not all as the more backers get on board, the more Stretch Goals the campaign unlocks, which means your box will be including more and more gifts inside with bunches of additional miniatures!

As you can see from the featured image, the campaign funded almost immediately. It's set to go for another 11 days.