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Kings of War RPG Up On Kickstarter

Many of you are Kings of War fans out there. You have your armies. You send them out on grand crusades for your side. You take time and care assembling and painting them. But maybe you want to get even more down in there with your forces. Well, you can do that with the Kings of War RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Mantic's Kings of War is a popular global brand that has led to equally venerated games such as Vanguard and Dungeon Saga. For the first time ever, you can now explore Pannithor through the medium of a roleplaying game tailor made for this epic fantasy setting.

Red Scar are collaborating with Mantic Games and Winged Hussar Publishing to tie together lore that stretches across aeons, all with the purpose of creating a roleplaying game that lives, breathes, and enables your character to take control of their own legendary destiny. 

The campaign's around half-funded with 19 days left to go.