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King's Struggle Now Available From WizKids

WizKids has a new game out there on the shelves. It's called King's Struggle and it's a trick-taking card game that also includes set collection and negotiation mechanics. Each card has a special power that you can choose to use if you want... or you can sell it for a price.

From the release:

Welcome to Kings’ Struggle, a trick-taking card game with negotiation and set collection. The game is mechanically simple, with each player playing just one card per round, and each game lasting only seven rounds. Over the course of these seven rounds, players vie to win cards through negotiation and winning the tricks.

While this sounds simple, what makes Kings’ Struggle special are the unique card abilities that have been crafted to drive negotiation. The ability of a card you’ve played can be activated on your turn, or not. It’s up to you. Just remember, your action, or inaction, is for sale! Analyzing who has the most to win or the most to lose from your current ability and leveraging it to your maximum benefit is the name of the game.

You must learn to play the players, more than you learn to play the game.

While anyone can learn to play Kings’ Struggle in a matter of minutes, players who find success will not be those who craft the best linear card play strategy, or those who enjoy the most luck, but those who have mastered the art of negotiation.

If you love negotiation, or wish to develop your negotiation skills, Kings’ Struggle is a must play game.