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Kingmaker Late Pledges Now Available

When you miss out on a crowdfunding campaign, you might think, "well, damn, all those deals are gone forever." But many times, that's not the case when the company allows late pledges. And that's just what we have here. Paizo is taking late pledges for their Kingmaker adventure for Pathfinder. You have from now until the end of September to get your order in.

From the website:

The Kingmaker Late Pledge campaign gives you one final opportunity to seize the Kingmaker Adventure Path and Companion Guide, as well as to pick up Add-On products that are exclusive to the campaign. From Hero Point tokens and Kingmaker-themed dice to the Kingdom Management Screen, this is your opportunity to make your Kingmaker campaign something truly memorable! The campaign runs through 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on September 30, so head over to and lock in your pledge!

With the launch campaign over, we’ve locked down the final sizes and contents for both the Kingmaker Adventure Path and the Companion Guide. Note: These products are not part of any subscription.

In Kingmaker, your player characters are more than mere adventurers. They are destined to become the rulers of the world’s newest kingdom—a nation that you get to build from the ground up as the campaign unfolds! In the northeastern corner of the sprawling expanse of the River Kingdoms lies an unclaimed wilderness known as the Stolen Lands. If your PCs can defeat the bandits and monsters that infest the central portion of the Stolen Lands, you’ll be able to establish your new nation therein... but this is only the beginning. Rugged mountains, sprawling swamps, and tangled forests border your new home on all sides, and as you expand into these lands you’ll forge new alliances, clash with new foes, and uncover an ancient menace that has long lurked in the overgrown corners of the Stolen Lands. But once you’ve claimed your territory, can your party defend this hard-won kingdom from war on its borders and supernatural threats from within? Will you rule with justice and mercy, or will you become the very monsters you fought to oppose? In the Kingmaker Adventure Path, the destiny of the world’s newest nation is yours to decide!