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King of Tokyo: Dark Edition Available From IELLO

These are strange times. Most of us should stay home and just play some games. Well, if you're a fan of King of Tokyo and have been wanting to get the new Dark Edition that's coming out, there's some rare good news for you. IELLO has decided to release the game early, for those places that have it. So, you can get your copy now.

From the website:

Each day the news gets a little worse. Each day we wonder what the next day will bring. Some of us are living under shelter-in-place orders and being asked to travel as little as possible. Inundated with news that can have adverse mental health effects on us, it’s important that we turn off that news, and enjoy our quarantine partners, the friends and family who we live with and now are spending most of every day with.

We believe that disconnecting from that news, and from our electronic devices, is always important, but becomes doubly important under circumstances like this. In an effort to give the loyal fans of IELLO something else to do in these trying times we are announcing the immediate release of the highly anticipated King of Tokyo: Dark Edition. It is currently working its way through the supply chain to distribution and to your local game store.