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Kids on Brooms RPG Now Available

It's not just kids on bikes that tend to go around their town, solving all the mysteries that the adults don't feel it's worth their time to follow up on (but always threaten the town or the whole world). Well, it's not just bikes that these kids might use to get around. There's also brooms, for those that are magically inclined. Kids on Brooms, the new version of the popular Kids on Bikes RPG is now available from Renegade Game Studios.

From the release:

We are thrilled to release the Kids On Brooms RPG today! Get it online or find it at your friendly local game store!

You pull your wand from the folds of your cloak, and its glowing blue end illuminates the door in front of you—the entrance to the banned books section. You watch as the copper snakes twist and turn around the lock that keeps students like you out. But you’ve been left with no choice. Your barn owl hoots softly upon your shoulder as you raise your wand to the knob and whisper the unspoken words.

Powered by the Kids on Bikes role-playing game, this guide allows you to tell your own stories of kids on brooms!