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Kibble Scuffle Now Available From WizKids

I don't currently have any pets, but some of my friends do. One has multiple cats and when it's feeding time, they have to go through a whole ritual to keep the two from grabbing at each-other's food. That's the same as you'll be doing in Kibble Scuffle, though you're the ones trying to get all the bets tidbits. You can pick up your copies now.

From the announcement:

WizKids is excited to announce that Kibble Scuffle, an adorable romp through feeding time with your mischievous feline friends, is now available in North American Game Stores!

In Kibble Scuffle, it’s time to feed your cats! Players compete to feed their cats the most points in food cubes by the end of the game. When a player reaches 20 points or more at the end of a Feeding Phase, the game ends and the player who has the most food cubes wins! There are several different kinds of feline friends to feed in Kibble Scuffle—from the generous Mama Cat, who allows another cat at the bowl to feed, to the mischievous Trickster Cat, who exchanges food cubes between bowls. The game even features four adorable Kittens, who draw their fellow kittens to the Food Bowls.

Kibble Scuffle’s innovative packaging doesn’t just hold the game—the box also doubles as the game’s Cat Food Box, allowing players to have the most immersive feline feeding experience possible! Kibble Scuffle is available now, so be sure to pick it up at your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!