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Keymaster Games Announces New Edition of Control

We've got another addition to the Year of New Editions. In this case, Keymaster Games has announced they're coming out with a 2nd edition of Control, their time-travelling card game. This new version will be more portable than the previous, as well as have updated rules. Pre-orders will take place along with their Campy Creatures Expansion I Kickstarter Backerkit.

From the announcement:

Keymaster Games is pleased to announce Control (2nd Edition) will be printed alongside Campy Creatures Expansion I. This new printing of Control re-imagines the time-traveling card game in a portable tuck box with updated artwork and updated mechanics.

Players are time travelers caught in a rupture in spacetime and trying to escape. Players are trying to refuel their time machine with card abilities and powers to win the game. Rounds are fast and full of energy. The game features:

  • A smaller, more portable tuck box
  • Refinements to card artwork and abilities
  • Rule updates to an even more head-to-head two player game

Control 2nd Edition will be available for preorder through Backerkit, after the Campy Creatures campaign has ended