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Keymaster Games Announces New Edition of Campy Creatures and New Expansion

The Year of New Editions scores another hit. Keymaster Games has announced that their spoopy card game, Campy Creatures, is getting a new edition that will be hitting Kickstarter next month. Along with the updated rules and such, there's the first expansion coming for the game as well.

From the announcement:

Keymaster Games is excited to announce Campy Creatures Expansion I and Campy Creatures (2nd Edition) coming to Kickstarter October 9th. These new products will expand on the pulpy universe with brand new ways to play, component updates and all new base game cards.

Campy Creatures is a ghoulish game of bluffing, deduction, and set collection.

As mad scientists, each player has been tasked with the goal of capturing Mortals for future experimentation. Players have an army of Campy Creatures to do their bidding with three nights to get the job done. Be warned though—the Mortals won’t go out without a fight.