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Kailinn: The Fury of the Forest Set Available For Godtear

There's a new champion taking the field in Godtear. It's Kailinn and he's brought his centaur friends with him. You can pick up this new set now over in Steamforged's webshop or down at your FLGS.

From the website:

Kailinn, mighty centaur and protector of the forest, tramples her foes underhoof with unbridled ferocity. Few can withstand a charge from Kailinn and her faithful Virtues, the druidic centaurs accompanying her in her quest for godhood.

Fast, furious, and fantastic at assassinating enemy followers before they can flee, Kailinn is a Maelstrom champion with a maelstrom attitude. No champion can match her speed as she canters across the battlefield with reckless abandon. Watch out for her wicked-sharp horn — it’s made for skewering followers of any size!

Inside this box is everything you need to add the Maelstrom champion Kailinn, the Fury of the Forest, to your Godtear warband. Use this expansion with any Godtear starter set.