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Journey to Ecrya Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Journey to Ecrya is a new adventure board game that's up on Kickstarter now. It combines elements of various styles of board games along with roleplaying themes, including a rotating DM, to create a lighthearted game for your tabletops.

From the campaign:

Journey to Ecrya is a mix between light-hearted role-playing and adventure board game. It features cooperative storytelling in short and sweet RP sessions between players and competetive gameplay for victory. Different mechanics allow you to work together for short periods of time or hinder your opponents in their quest. Many different encounters to be revealed during your travels will force you to make choices on how to proceed on your journey. 

Discover a dangerous fantasy world, choose one of eight unique heroes and accompany them on their adventure. The role of the game master is passed from player to player with each turn. This way everyone can experience being a storyteller and create the journey together, without any player being stuck with the role of game master all night.

The campaign's around halfway funded with 17 days left to go.