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Jasper's Game Week Happening Now

Gaming is fun. Raising money and awareness for a charity is fun. Roll the two together and you've got something truly amazing. And that's what's going on with Jasper's Game Week. It's up and running now through the 11th (yeah, I know that's more than a week, but that's fine).

From the article:

Jasper’s Game Week, running from April 30th-May 11th 2021, is a TTRPG streaming event with both streams to watch and games to play run by Jasper’s Game Day (JGD). With our partners Paizo and MiniTerrainDomain and sponsors Ardent Roleplay/Meeples and Dragons, Hearthsinger Games, Penny for a Tale, Lark Adventures, and the Paizo Organized Play Convention, we are raising money for suicide prevention and awareness.

This year’s events include our Paizo Organized Play convention and Streaming events! Start Playing Games is also running a JGD fundraiser for the duration of the event where GMs can run any game they would like with proceeds donated to JGD. During the stream events, you may also purchase Reroll tickets to give adventurers a bit of extra luck in all online games, along with other rewards, available at Visit for details on game offerings and signup.

Don’t forget that during the streams you have the ability to watch and affect the games with people like Jason Bulmahn, Erik Mona, B Dave Walters and so many more!