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Jasco Games Running Super Street Fighter Mega Bundle Sale

Everyone wants their dollar to stretch a little further, especially in trying times like these. Well, to make sure your gaming funds make it as far as they can, Jasco Games is running a Super Street Fighter Mega Bundle Sale for 1 week only over in their webshop. Head on over now and get quite a deal on a lot of stuff for one special price.

From the article:

COVID-19 has presented us with truly herculean obstacles to overcome, but Jasco Games is committed to helping you in these trying times.Behold! The SUPER STREET FIGHTER MEGA BUNDLE!

The total value of this package retails for over $2000 and includes products from TWO of our most popular games (UFS/UVS & Exceed)! On the back of each booster pack wrapper from our hit CCG, we provide you with 1 redemption point, represented by a skull (the Death Resource Symbol in the game). Playmats, Promo Cards, and other promotional materials are obtainable in exchange for these redemption points, via our redemption program! This bundle will give players over 150 redemption points, so you can see how this is a lot of value for you and your community.