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Jasco Games Running Evil Dead 2: The Board Game Kickstarter

The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 (along with Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness) are regular staples in my movie collection. And, around this time of year, they get into rather heavy rotation. Soon, I might be able to add Evil Dead 2: The Board Game to my regular board game rotation. Jasco Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring this iconic horror classic to your tabletops.

From the campaign:

Greetings and welcome to Evil Dead 2 The Board Game, brought to you by the publishers of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Board Game", "Cowboy Bebop: Board Game Boogie", "My Hero Academia The Collectible Card Game" and many many more. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this officially licensed board game campaign, there's something a little different about this one. A few years ago, another company successfully launched an Evil Dead 2 board game campaign that was never fulfilled to its backers. This other company collected all of the money and delivered nothing to thousands of Evil Dead 2 fans that participated in their project. Because of this travesty, Jasco Games, in collaboration with Lynnvander Studios, the Evil Dead 2 licensing group, and our other partners have come together to bring Evil Dead 2 The Board Game back from the dead. We're calling this campaign a Heartthrob Campaign. What that means is if this campaign successfully funds, all of the backers of the previous campaign (that we had nothing to do with), will be getting a copy of Evil Dead 2 The Board Game for only the cost of shipping (that's right, free + shipping). 

We cannot deliver exactly what previous backers pledged for, as that was not our project, however, we hope that you will all love this game and appreciate what we are trying to do for our beloved gaming community. Our Evil Dead 2 board game is an entirely NEW game designed by Lynnvander Studios and directed and tested heavily by Jasco Games and our play testers. If you were one of many backers of the previous campaign, refer to the section below called “Original Backers”  to find answers to some commonly asked questions and to verify that you are on our backer list to receive your copy of Evil Dead 2 The Board Game.

 If you are a new backer, we welcome you as well! You will not only be getting a fantastic board game for $59 (An $80 retail value game when it hits stores), that is completely designed, tested and ready to print upon funding of this campaign, you are also helping bring thousands of people a new copy of Evil Dead 2 The Board Game! They really got hurt by the other company and we, as a community, are very proud to have the opportunity to do right by those backers. 

If you have already done the math on this, you will see that this Kickstarter campaign was designed to do a good thing. Profit is not the main purpose of the campaign, which is why we are selling the games as close to our production cost as possible while including the free game to original backers into that cost.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 22 days.