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Japanime Games to Release English Edition of Momiji

Deer Games ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for Momiji, a board game all about celebrating autumn in Japan. Now, they're partnering up with Japanime Games (seems a good fit) for the game's full distribution.

From the announcement:

Japanime Games & Deer Games have partnered to publish Momiji! Deer Games has created Momiji, a gorgeous, artful celebration of Fall in Japan, and through their new partnership, Japanime Games will be publishing the English edition of the game later in 2021.

In Momiji, 1-4 players attempt to fulfil their objectives by collecting the most valuable autumn leaves of Japan’s famous Imperial Garden while making the most of their landscape abilities. During their turn players play leaf cards alongside special “landscape power” cards to create unique panoramas, earning acorn tokens and completing objectives to achieve victory points.