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Japanime Games Posts Release Schedule

So... that last year's been quite a year, eh? Needless to say, most plans from 2020 got rearranged in some form or another. And while we're not done with all of it yet, we're starting to get closer to the end. With that in mind, Japanime Games has posted up an updated roadmap of what they've got coming out for the next several quarters.

From the website:

Japanime Games was hard at work in 2019-2020 laying the foundation for 2021 and beyond. COVID-19 delayed and changed many processes and our release schedule for 2020. To continue keeping the community informed, we here at Japanime Games wanted to give a loose overview of what 2021 and beyond may look like. Each section will contain a brief overview of the game, any important notes related to it, and what its current status related to that time block might be.

Japanime Games has a year of growth in 2020 with the shifting games industry landscape. Beyond just games, we will be looking to grow our interests as we continue to secure new licenses as well as looking to hire new team members. “I was very busy in 2020. Without physical conventions, I had a lot more time to talk contracts. It gave me a lot of time to lay tons of groundwork for growth” Says President Eric Price. “We can’t wait to show you all the games we’ve been working on! 2021 is going to be an exciting year for us!”