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Japanime Games Helping Game Stores Closed By Covid-19

One of the things about everyone not being able to go out is that a lot of local businesses aren't able to stay open during this time. Either they're sending their workers home or there's nobody to come in to begin with. It's rough. And considering most gaming shops are small, local businesses, it can be extra tough for them. Well, Japanime Games is hoping to help. They're giving 50% of their sales from their online shop to game stores during this time. You can stay isolated and still help your local shop.

About the event:

We wanted to thank you all for being our fans and supporting us, being there for us, and allowing us to do what we do. We know we aren’t an essential service for humanity, but we love bringing games from Japan to you and spreading joy through entertainment. 
Entertainment is certainly a thing we can all appreciate right now as we are stuck at home.

As a company, we consider ourselves quite lucky in that we can mostly do work from home and are able to continue doing what we do - and we feel for all of you no matter what your work situation might be. We feel for the game stores that are suffering, that are always there for us as a community center to come to play games with friends, and quite honestly, we are concerned that many of those stores may go out of business in the coming months, as they are not able to remain open during this situation. Friendly Local Game Stores need your help. They need your support. They need our support. We want game stores to survive this.

If you buy any products currently in stock on our website right now, we will donate 50% of whatever you spend to the Friendly Local Game Store of your choice. No matter where you live be it America, Australia, Europe, or the Moon we will donate 50% of your order to a store of your choice.

Place an order today, and in the comments of your order, tell us what store you want to support. We will contact that store and PayPal them 50% of your order. Consider this a wholesale order placed directly through that store, and this is our way of bringing a sale to that store, to bring them a little bit of income.

This offer is good for however long it takes for us to get out of this mess. Let’s work together to get through this. Let’s help support our stores. Let’s continue to game on!