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Japanime Games Giving Away a Copy of Heiki Strike Alternative

Heiki Strike Alternative is currently funding over on Gamefound. But would you like to get a copy for free? Well, now's your chance, as Japanime Games is holding a giveaway. Head through and put your name in the hat for your chance to win.

From the announcement:

Heiki Strike Alternative is LIVE on GameFound and 73% funded! We've partnered with The Boardgame Group to offer a special sweepstakes giveaway - help us spread the word, get this campaign 100% funded, and enter to win a FREE "Major" level pledge in the campaign!

This Pledge level is worth $100 - including 1 copy of Heiki Strike Alternative, special promo cards, a playmat, card sleeves and more! Enter to win OR back the campaign and get your own before time runs out!