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Japanime Games' Black Friday Sale Going On Now

Who's next up in the sale announcements? Japanime Games is. You can head over and get 25-75% off their games now.

From the article:

We've got wonderful news for everyone! We've got a number of deals for you during Black Friday week starting now!

We're applying discounts of 25-75% off most items!

That's right! You'll receive 25% off your order for any in-stock items, barring some exceptions, that you purchase until December 1st, 2020. Be careful not to tie pre-order items to this order as they won't receive that discount and they will hold up your order!

Every order placed during the Black Friday Sale all the way until December 12th, 2020 will get their very own premium acrylic Akiko standee! Now you can have Akiko for your BESM games, use her as a stand in for other games like Love Battle! High School, or any other number of ways you wish to use the standee. Why not get that standee and a sweet discount on all your items for the holidays.

Finally, it is the season of giving. We've added a donation function to sales for the holiday season. Take some of that money you're going to save and donate it to help with Child's Play for the year. Every $5US donated, we'll be giving Dragon Pets and Cartooner to the charity! Our goal is to make the holidays or time spent in hospitals just that bit more bearable for children this year and we hope you will help.