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Japanime Games Announces The Last Brave

Champions are fighting for their country. Each has their own special ability. But showing off said ability also shows off their weakness. It's a fine balancing act as they Champions look to defeat one-another in combat. Who will be the last one standing? That's up to you to decide in The Last Brave, a new card game coming from Japanime Games.

From the article:

Japanime Games is ready to announce The Last Brave. The Last Brave is the latest game from Seiji Kanai, creator of the game Love Letter and our Sword Art Online game, and originally published by DELiGHTWORKS! in Japan, the creators of the very popular Fate Grand Order mobile game. The Last Brave is set to release in November 2020 for $9.95 and will be available through distribution, retail, and direct through Japanime Games.

Japanime Games is deeply excited for this project and President Eric Price had this to say: “We are excited to include another great game from Seiji Kanai coupled with the amazing studio that is DELiGHTWORKS! This is the first step in bringing you even more exciting projects in tandem with DELiGHTWORKS!”

In The Last Brave, 3-7 players take on the roles of brave Champions, each wielding mighty powers. You must fight for your nation as you aim to defeat all of your opponents. Each brave Champion is granted three attributes: a Class, an Element, and a type of Arms, all imbued with incredible power. When one Champion is attacked by another, the damage they take exposes the nature of their attributes, revealing the weakened Champion's true form to the other players. However, once these attributes have been revealed, the Champion that wields them can start to benefit from their abilities. Cleverly utilize the powers granted to you and claim victory over all others!

The Last Brave is a quick, easy to learn game focused around secret identities played either in a battle-royale format or with hidden factions depending on player count. Your overall goals are to determine who your opponents really are, or in the case of team play, who your allies might be while ensuring you are the last Champion standing. The winner is the person who manages to withstand their opponent's assault and survive the conflict.