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Japanime Games Announces Ramen! Ramen! Card Game

Ramen. For many, it's a quick, salty meal that costs maybe a quarter. But real ramen is just so... oh man, there's very little that's like a really well-done bowl of real ramen. And while I'm not able to go to my favorite ramen restaurant right now, i can live vicariously through Ramen! Ramen!, a new card game coming soon from Japanime Games.

From the announcement:

Japanime Games is excited to announce Ramen! Ramen!, a stand-alone ramen shop inspired game for 1-4 players striving to sell not only the most bowls of ramen but also the most delicious bowls of ramen. Ramen! Ramen! is set to release in November 2020 for $14.95 and will be available through distribution, retail, and direct through Japanime Games. Ramen! Ramen! Is also the first game to feature Japanime Games' mascot, Akiko, front and center after her initial debut. Akiko is bound to wind up in more games over time, but we are thrilled to have her featured prominently on this product.

In Ramen! Ramen! all the players are line cooks at an exclusive three-seat ramen shop that is the most popular in the area. You and your fellow players have agreed that the player who sells the most bowls with the best flavors will be the winner. Be careful as your opponents can steal bowls away from you and secure the points for themselves. The tastier a bowl looks, the more appealing it becomes to steal, especially as it becomes loaded with ingredients.

Ramen! Ramen! is a card game where players will add ingredients to bowls of ramen while aiming to collect the most points. A deck of cards containing all the ramen ingredients will be shuffled and players will be dealt their starting hands. Every turn players will add two of the cards from their hands to two of the three different bowls of ramen available in the middle of the table. After players place their cards into the different bowls, they are checked to see if they are ready to be served. If it is ready to be served, that player will take the points from the bowls and set them aside then proceed to conclude their turn. The player with the most points when the game concludes is the winner of Ramen! Ramen!