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Japanime Games Announces New Kamigami Battles Expansions

Japanime Games has three new Kamigami Battles sets coming out soon, one big and two smaller. They're based around the Cthulhu mythos, so do your best to keep your sanity in tact. Pre-orders are being taken now over on the Japanime website.

From the announcement:

Japanime Games is proud to announce the upcoming Lovecraftian block - the base game Kamigami Battles: Rise of the Old Ones and the expansions Kamigami Battles: The Stars are Right and Kamigami Battles: Into the Dreamlands. They add exciting new elements in the form of elder gods, great old ones, lovecraftian cultists and mystic artifacts!

Kamigami Battles is one of Japanime Games’core Deck-Builder card games in which players take the role of mighty gods from the various mythologies of world cultures, and recruit disciples and warriors to serve and fight for them.

Kamigami Battles are intense player-vs-player deck-builder card games like no others, including 3 core games, and 6 expansions.