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Jagged Alliance Board Game and Expansion Available From Modiphius

Generally, when we get releases from Modiphius, it's a new RPG book of some kind. This time around, it's a board game as well as its expansion. Jagged Alliance is a cooperative board game where players are mercenaries looking to topple an oppressive dictator. Then there's the Underground expansion, where things head, as one would expect, underground to take on a new threat to humanity. Both are available now.

From the website:

A rich and variable solo or co-operative tactical game for 1-4 players true to its digital predecessor with hours of re-playable campaign and several different dictators to topple.

Take the role of your favorite Jagged Alliance mercenaries and fight the armies of an evil dictator to free the nation of Arulco from oppression. Equip your mercs, gain allies and buy weapons from A.I.M. to liberate sector after sector in an extensive campaign, while keeping an eye on the dictator's counter-strikes, extra missions and your own rebel supporters. JA:TBG is full of tough choices, always keeping you and your team on the edge of victory or defeat.

The UNDERGROUND! add-on box expands the Jagged Alliance base game with a new scenario and the Crepitus Queen dictator. Descend into underground sectors such as caves, mineshafts and secret research facilities, that hold new dangers and rewards. Employ powerful tech weapons like Lasers and the infamous Rocket Rifle. New sector tiles and rules can be integrated into the base game, bringing a whole new level of mayhem to Arulco!

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