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Ironwatch Announces the Release of Tetra Firma

Ironwatch started as just a fan magazine for Mantic games. Now, they've got three releases of their own. The third one's just been announced. It's Tetra Firma and it's a new expansion for Kings of War. It's got a whole new setting in which you can play as well as 30 (yes, 30) new factions for you to pick from.

From the announcement:

Announcing the third full release for Ironwatch Games, we’re proud to bring you Tetra Firma, from the mind of Christopher Binetti! Featuring a brand-new setting, this expansion for Kings of War adds a host of new special rules, a robust and deep magic system, and 30 new factions you can mix and match to create unique and varied armies to battle in this fantasy-historical setting. With custom cover art from Boris Samec, this robust expansion offers tons of new variety to help spice up your Kings of War games, and a brand-new and detailed setting to explore!