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Iron Kingdoms RPG: Borderlands and Beyond Up On Kickstarter

The Iron Kingdoms started out as a module for D&D. The most recent iteration of the game has gone back to its roots. And now, three new books are coming to help expand your games. They're collected together in the Borderlands and Beyond Kickstarter campaign that Privateer Press has up and running now.

From the campaign:

The Iron Kingdoms is a realm forged in a violent crucible by arcane sciences, steam power and industry… But what lies beyond the walls of man?

For the first time in the Iron Kingdoms: Requiem campaign setting for 5e, travel beyond the Iron Kingdoms' borders and into the vast borderlands. Explore the ancient kingdoms of Ios, the elves' mist-shrouded home, and the rugged mountain cities of Rhul where the ancient dwarves dwell. Set out on an adventure in the sun-beaten expanse of the Bloodstone Marches, home to scavengers, nomads, and vagabonds, or journey into the tangled Glimmerwood, where the tribes of sturdy trollkin, cunning bogrin, and others follow the old ways.

The campaign's almost 2x funded with 15 days left to go.