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Inner Compass 50% Off at AEG

Who doesn't love to save money? Nobody, that's who. And if you're still stuck inside during quarantine, you might be looking around and wishing you had a new game to add to your collection. Well, take care of two matters at one time with the Inner Compass sale happening at AEG. Just head over and order and you'll get 50% off. No coupon code required.

From the website:

In Inner Compass, you play as one of four characters searching for meaning in their everyday lives. (Sound familiar?) Make the right life choices, experience the full spectrum of emotions, create meaningful memories, and — ultimately — find your own inner compass. The most enlightened player wins!

Inner Compass is a bold experiment in determining your personal inner compass. Will you focus on building up emotions to release them at certain times? Sometimes it can be healthy and productive, while at other times it can be destructive and inappropriate. As you move through the game, you’ll learn how to communicate your emotions constructively and earn points towards winning.