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Inn Between Worlds RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Inns have this natural way of simply bringing people from all walks of life and all locations together. The Inn Between Worlds is certainly like that. This fantastical location can be a part of your game if you head over and pledge for their Kickstarter campaign that's running now. Use it as a stopover for your game or let your players create a new home base with infinite possibilities for new adventures.

From the article:

You don’t just use the inn between worlds as an occasional base between adventures.

It is a home to adventures.

It is a place that touches many worlds, some beautiful, some mad, some terrifying.

And all those worlds are calling out for adventurers...


How often is something really interesting done with the inn and tavern in an RPG?

The taverns and inns play an important part of RPGs is long established. So much so, that is has become almost a cliché and even a joke. For example, “You all meet in a Tavern” is the title of an RPG YouTube shows, and “You meet at an Inn” has its own TV Tropes Page.

But for all of that, how often is something interesting done with the basic idea of an inn and tavern? For the most part, after party meets and works out their next adventure, inns and taverns are neglected. This is a pity. There is a lot of potential for adventure with an inn and a tavern.

Inn between Worlds is my effort at making the place a home to adventures.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 23 days.