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Infinite Power RPG 2nd Edition Up On Kickstarter

No matter how much playtesting you do before a game goes out, having a couple thousand copies of your games hit players hands will find more things than you'd ever want to tweak and fix on your own. So, while the original Infinite Power worked fine, the designers saw some places for improvement. They've made those changes and are now ready to reveal them with Infinite Power 2nd Edition. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

After 8 long years, countless hours of design and development, and over 2000 copies of the 1st Edition sold, Infinite Power: 2nd Edition is finally here! Whether you want to be the superhero of your daydreams or turn your favorite comic series into an epic campaign for your closest friends, you'll find everything you need to create any world or hero you can imagine within the pages of Infinite Power: 2nd Edition

The idea behind Infinite Power: 2nd Edition was to design a system that allows you the freedom to create infinite worlds for your campaigns and Heroes. Anything seen in Action Adventure Comics or Action movies can find a home here. Inside Infinite Power are the tools to create not just heroic characters, but also individualized powers that can grow and manifest in your Hero as they become more powerful. GMs have the opportunity to create stunning settings, dastardly Enemies, plots full of intrigue and subterfuge, and Henchmen galore!

Not sure what who you want to be or who you want your Players to fight? No worries! Infinite Power is filled to the brim with pre-generated Powers, Talents, Tricks, and Enemies. And let's not forget fully fleshed out Heroes that are ready to play!

Grab a table of friends, a few eight-sided dice, and get ready to experience Infinite Power!

The campaign is up and running now. But it's a fast one with only 6 days left to go.