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Indie Boards and Cards Posts Demo Print-and-Play Version of The Sherlock Files: Elementary Entries

"Try before you buy." It's something that I try and live by as much as possible. I'm not exactly on Forbes' list of Billionaires, so I need to be choosy. Thankfully, many game companies are putting out print-and-play versions of their games right now, even if it's just a demo version. You can find out if you like the game and then order the full version when you get a chance. That's what you can do now with Indie Boards and Cards' The Sherlock Files.

From the article:

The Sherlock Files: Elementary Entries includes three confounding cases for you to solve. First, you need to discover the cause of a fatal heart attack aboard Flight TJ1309. Next, you dig up a cold case from 1923 involving the violent and unexpected death of a famous explorer and archaeologist. Last, unravel the story behind the mysterious body that put a damper on one family’s 4th of July party.

Decipher clues to determine which are relevant to the case and which are not. Share the clues you deem relevant with your detective partners. Which theories will you chase?

How will you fare compared to the world’s greatest detective? Work together to solve each case to find out!