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Incantations RPG Supplement Coming to Kickstarter Next Month

A wizard or sorcerer can still grab a dagger and start a-stabbin' when they want (even if they aren't the best at it). But a rogue or fighter can't usually just drop a cantrip as they want. Incantations, a new 5th edition RPG supplement coming to Kickstarter next month, looks to even things out some with giving magic options to players outside of the regular spellcasting norms.

From the website:

In an ongoing effort to bring in and sponsor more independent creators, we're super excited to announce Incantations, a 5th edition-compatible supplment that provides options and oppertunities to use magic outside of the casting system.

For those who are familiar, these were first introduced in Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition where, outside of combat, anyone could cast a ritual that they learned. This casting would consume componenets, time (typically more than 10 mins), and skill checks, to bring about a narrative or adventure effect. This included things like enchanting a ship to fly, restoring a place or thing to a time in the past, bolstering plant growth and harvests, and more! 

Led by Joshua Mendenhall (@HTTPaladin) and co-authored by Kiersten (@Clericalcleric), this beautifully illustrated supplement will be Kickstarted in June, see you there!