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IDW Taking Pre-Orders for Usagi Yojimbo Hero Set For Arcadia Quest

IDW and CMON are sharing more than simply their love of initials. They're also teaming up to bring you a new Hero Pack for Arcadia Quest starring everyone's favorite Asian bunny, Usagi Yojimbo. You can get him and his two friends as a hero pack for the game. Pre-orders are being taken now.

From the website:

Wandering the world on a musha shugyõ (warrior’s pilgrimage) has brought Miyamoto Usagi across many bizarre situations, but none so strange as the dangers regularly encountered in the fabled city of Arcadia! Fortunately, Usagi has been reunited once again with his companions Gen the rhino bounty hunter, and Kitsune the vixen thief. Between them, there’s nowhere Arcadia’s villains can hide! In Arcadia Quest, each player controls a Guild with three unique Heroes. These Guilds compete against each other and against the monstrous forces on an epic campaign to rescue the city of Arcadia. But only one Guild may lead in the end! Preorder Item. This Hero Pack will ship in February 2021. Shipping only to US and CA. Contents: 3 Miniature models (Usagi, Gen, Kitsune) 3 Character cards (Usagi, Gen, Kitsune)