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IDW Games Previews Silver Lotus Order Expansion for Towers of Arkhanos

Wizards build towers. It's just something they're known for. But each wizard's tower is a little different. How they build it reflect who they are as a wizard and the things they're looking to focus on. In the Silver Lotus Expansion coming soon for The Towers of Arkhanos, players will have more options for rooms and floors. IDW gives us a little look into what you can expect.

From the post:

Okay, so we were a little vague with our last teaser. How about some details? 🧙

The Silver Lotus Order expansion makes your towers grow taller and brings with it a whole new set of floor plans to add variety at all player counts. The new magic school also adds the option for a fifth player! That means no more fighting over who gets to play with the pretty dice.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “When do I actually get to try it out?”. You’ll be happy to hear that you’ll be building away with your expanded spell squad in just a few short weeks!