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IDW Games Previews Rori For Wayward

Warlord Games is working on their Wayward board game, bringing the comic world to your tabletops. In this preview, we get a look at the first of the characters that'll be coming in the game. It's Rori. She's half-Irish and half-Japanese and all ready to kick ass and take names.

From the preview:

It’s #WayWardWednesday – Meet Rori, one of our main characters!

She’s a half-Irish, half-Japanese girl whose life was thrown into turmoil when she moved to Tokyo. The Weave has made itself known to her and its red glowing stands of destiny and power may save or damn everyone she knows.

Rori’s special – she taps deep into the energy source to power up and help you take down the biggest bads. You’ll want her on the team!