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Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition RPG Up On Kickstarter

Onyx Path Publishing is looking to bring you the new edition of Hunter: The Vigil. The world is filled with weird, supernatural, and most importantly, dangerous things. You're a Hunter. You have the ability to spot these other-worldly occurrences and creatures and you've made it your goal to hunt them down and make sure humanity is safe. This new edition is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The scales have fallen from your eyes. A fire is lit — is it a lamp perched over the inscription on an ancient blade or a roaring conflagration consuming the house in which the howling fiends wait? Things will never be the same after this. You’ve set forth on a damning path. Carry the Vigil. Fight back the shadows.

In Hunter: The Vigil, you play out stories following a core cast of characters as they fight their way through the Chronicles of Darkness, a version of our own everyday world filled with monsters. It’s a lot like a TV drama, something like The Walking Dead or The X-Files. Individual gaming sessions, generally running two-to-four hours, are like weekly episodes. Secrets will be revealed, relationships will be tested, and blood will be spilled.

When you create a character, you choose between three tiers of gameplay. At tier one, your characters will fight monsters with little to no support. They may find allies along the way, but they’re on their own. At tier two, you play hunters backed by a compact that typically operates on a regional level. Your hunters have more guns and gear to fight the darkness. At tier three, you play cogs in a global conspiracy that has plenty of resources — and politics to boot. Conspiracies have more information about the supernatural than they let on, but even’s unclear if the lore they’ve acquired is accurate or not.

Three to five players are recommended to play Hunter, but the game can be played with two people. Each player slips into the role of a hunter. You’ll make decisions for your hunter — when their best friend betrays them, you plot a scheme for revenge. When another hunter picks a fight, you decide whether your character runs or negotiates with them. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll tell the story of how your hunters, even though they’re terrified, stand up to monsters to uphold the Vigil.

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 23 days left to go.