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Hunt Saboteur Skirmish Game Up On Kickstarter

Hunt Saboteur is a new miniatures skirmish game that's up on Kickstarter now. On one side, you have traditional fox hunters and their hounds. On the other, you have hunt saboteurs (hence the name), trying to save their fuzzy forest friends. Which side will you be on?

From the campaign:

Hunt Saboteur is a skirmish-level tabletop miniatures game recreating stand-offs between traditional fox hunters and hunt saboteurs in the English countryside. One player controls the hunt and the other controls the sabs. The sides move around the table employing various tactics to try and manipulate a pack of hounds, who pursue a fox.

The quick, fun game is for two players and takes around 45 minutes, depending on scenario and points used.

I would like to produce a full range of miniatures for the game, including a huntmaster, huntsmen, and various hunt saboteurs as well as a hardcopy of the rule book. But this is not that Kickstarter campaign. As it is my first Kickstarter, I am starting small. I’m hoping to prove the concept, test out suppliers and build a community by kickstarting with a slimmed-down offering.

This Kickstarter includes the rules for the game, delivered as a PDF file, and three 28mm scale miniatures for the game cast in resin: a hunt sab, a fox and a hound.

I hope that the models are broadly of interest beyond my ruleset. For example, the sab could fit in as a modern insurgent or post-apocalyptic survivalist, the fox would look handsome as a witch’s familiar and the hound could be a loyal companion for an inquisitor.

The game is just up and over its funding goal with 17 days left to go.