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Hues and Cues Now Available

The colors, Duke! The colors!

Hues and Cues is the new color-based game from The OP Games. Can you accurately describe the colors you see? How well can others guess what color you're talking about? You'll find out when you play.

From the post:

When was the last time you gazed at the sky with a partner to spot shapes in the clouds? Or played “I Spy” with a child to test their keenness in close quarters? The days we’ve spent playing it safe at home have definitely made us more conscious of our surroundings. Imagine capturing the vibrance of everyday life in a tabletop game based on how we see the world!

Look no further than Hues and Cues, an inspiring new board game available now from The Op! Bring its fun and eye-catching box to the park or entice your friends over video chat to play by communicating and guessing colors using only one- and two-word clues. Besides earning points for your accuracy, find rewards in exploring the many ways colors leave an impression on us. From holidays or hobbies, to emotions and experiences, clues are based on perception… so references and examples are endless for color vision of any ability!