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Hub Games announces Prisma Arena to launch on Kickstarter in May

Hub Games is working on a new board game. It's called Prisma Arena and it sees players take on the role of recruits into the titular fighting space. Working along with their Mo'kon companion, players will learn to channel their Prisma, a source of inner power, looking to bounce their opponents out of the arena. Players can play one-off matches, or compete in a campaign, growing and learning as they progress along. The game will be comign to Kickstarter in May.

From the announcement:

“Welcome young recruits. Hope still slumbers and must be protected from Despair’s draining embrace. You are here because your Prisma is strong and - more importantly - you give a damn. Now suit up. It’s time to train!”

Prisma Arena is a fast-paced game of over-the-top arena combat. Beginning as novices recruited for your ability to channel Prisma - your inner light - you will train in the martial art of Prismakata. Each fighter is joined in the arena by Mo’kon, creatures that embody individual emotions, and will learn to blast, strike and perform powerful combos as they attempt to bounce their opponents out of the Arena. With approachable rules and accessible gameplay, players can choose a one-off game or grow to become a Guardian of Hope over multiple battles. Whatever you choose - train hard and fight well!

Designed by Rory O'Connor (Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr) and John Fiore (Untold: Adventures Await), Prisma Arena is a game for 2 to 4 players that looks to reimagine arena combat for a new generation of gamers and their families. With art contributions from Sean "Cheeks" Galloway (Marvel's Spectacular Spider-man) and PJ Holden (2000AD's Judge Dredd), Prisma Arena also provides a visually stunning experience for your tabletop. Players will gain experience in the arena by fighting alongside a variety of Mo'kon while sparring against fellow trainees. As each victory is won, new powers can be collected alongside special removable stickers that allow for unique character customisation - however, players can still grow even after a defeat, as they work to improve from Novice status up to the rank of Guardian.

Representation and self-expression lie at the heart of Prisma Arena. Over the course of their training, each character will build up an array of abilities as well as a unique style, allowing for players to envision themselves how they want to within the walls of the Arena. Whether it's a one-on-one fight or you prefer the teamwork of multiplayer battles, each round will see you selecting Strike and Blast attacks, comboing between them with Moves as you spar against your opposition. Don't forget your special powers too, which will develop as you grow into a true Guardian of Hope!

Prisma Arena will be launching on Kickstarter in May 2020, to be followed by a full release in
Q4 2020.

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