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House Pets VS Aliens Card Game Up On Kickstarter

One of my favorite webcomics is The Awkward Yeti. If you've seen those cute heart/brain comics, that's them. They've had a couple games based on their stuff made. This is a new one. It's House Pets VS Aliens. The card game pits... well... house pets vs aliens for control of the world while the humans sleep. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This family-friendly game is fast-paced, simple to play yet strategic, and so much freaking fun!

Each player commands their own army of House Pets or Aliens (or Plants or Robots with the expansion packs), battling for control of Earth.

"This game is one of the most fun projects I have worked on because not only did I get to create dozens of bizarre characters, I was able to create some of them with my kids! Some of the robots in the game were based directly on their artwork, and we had a great time doing it. To keep the game engaging and simple for kids, but still fun for adults, I combined simple game mechanics with competitive strategic elements. I have had this game around for almost 2 years and can't wait to finally bring it to life!"

-Nick Seluk, creator of The Awkward Yeti and Heart and Brain

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 28 days left to go.